Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

  • To survive, one must adapt
    To adapt, understanding the real nature of the technological evolutions, cultural identities and business mechanisms is key !
    And, you must also know yourself
  • In today’s Digital Revolution, data management and technologies became the winning paradigm to growth and success

Our Mission

  • At Digital Marketing Awards, we pledge to connect Generations, Cultures and Countries and support the flow of knowledge in the world of Digital Marketing
  • With Digital Marketing Awards, outstanding people are funnelled practicing outstanding opportunities in Digital Marketing, by practicing of best and latest technologies and knowhow

Our Values

  • To reach your ”Genius Zone” you must starts by getting out of the comfort zone, receive the tools and the confidence to then be able to excel in what is your true ”Passion”, what aver it might be

Our Actions

  • To transform opportunities into viable projects, our strategy has become to give incubating talents access to real cases, high level coaching and entrepreneurial investors
  • Digital Marketing Awards acts like an international Hub where:
    • Companies secure their digital visibility
    • Business schools and universities prove the quality of their teachings
    • Students discover themselves, their passion and job opportunities acquiring practical experiences and find jobs

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