• 2015: Fourth Industrial/Technological-Digital Revolution

In 2015, the former Swiss bank director Alexandre Orloff became the new Chairman of the Board of Swiss Dragons Management SA (SDM) with the clear intention to surf on the Fourth Industrial/Technological-Digital Revolution, in a world of open source data, understanding that the winning formula to competence, growth and success is free access to knowledge.

  • 2016: Digital Marketing

In 2016, Swiss Dragons Management SA (SDM) started its new Digital Marketing activities organizing various cultural and educational events, securing the international digital visibility thanks to SDM’s expertise in Social Networking and Digital Marketing.

  • 2022: Asma International Holding pledged to partner with Masters of A. I. as a Sponsor

In 2022, the financial advisor Karim Mahboubi, active in international projects across the world and founder of Asma International Holding, decided to develop an educational projects named Knowledge Park to be based in the Middle East in partnership with universities in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Canada, securing scholarships in the fields of Health Care and Business Administration. It will be one of the sponsors of our Award and first client.

  • 2023: Incorporation of Masters of A. I. as a platform where investors can connect with projects owners

In 2023, Masters of Asma International, is to be incorporated and become an investors platform for its Middle Eastern, European and Asian partners, searching for outstanding investment opportunities to connect with competences and projects owners under privileged conditions, in the worlds of Education, Food Security and Sustainable Technologies, thanks to Masters of A. I. events and digital marketing / communication.

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