• 2015:

In 2015, the former Swiss bank director Alexandre Orloff became Informational Highway Technologies SA (IHT)’s new Chairman of the Board with the clear intention to surf on the Fourth Industrial/Technological-Digital Revolution, in a world of open source data, understanding that the winning formula to competence, growth and success is free access to knowledge

From 2008 to 2018, the Swiss based company IHT was active in the creation and production of information processing systems, design, production, testing, as well as provision of advisory and technological services in the field of application of computer resources, computer programs and radio-electronic systems

  • 2017:

IHT’s spin-off, Masters of AI, is to become a media platform in Switzerland as the Occidental hub and in Hong Kong for its Oriental partners, providing to its community, accesses to knowledge and exchanges with foreign counterparts under privileged conditions, in the worlds Artificial Intelligence supported technologies and their new markets

  • 2020:

In 2020, the Swiss company Swiss Dragons Management SA (SDM) has been mandated to operate and develop Masters of AI‘s project

SDM’s three pillars of activities are 1) Advisory, 2) Events & Communication and 3) Transfer of Technologies 

SDM develops Masters of the AI project as the platform where those who start-up a business linked with AI, IT and Computer Science connect with investors, coaches and markets.

The selection process follows these four funnelling steps:

  1. 88 seconds Digital Elevator Pitch Competitions
  2. Participation in different Webinars permitting investors and coaches to remotely assess candidates
  3. Edu-Taining Conferences enabling semi-finalists to exchange and meet personally
  4. As all the selected nominees attend the AWARDS ceremonies only the winners for each of the six categories, are to win coaching and funding from investors.

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